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What Sign is Pisces Most Compatible With?

Pisces is a feminine water sign that is sensitive, emotional, and lives in a world of its own. Pisces people tend to live with rose-colored glasses seeing the good in everybody and creating much drama in their own vivid imaginations.

Pisces and the Water and Earth Signs

Due to the fact that Pisces is a Water sign, it gets along with all the other Water signs, being Cancer and Scorpio. The water element in Astrology gets along really well with the Earth element. Therefore Pisces is very compatible with Taurus especially, as well as Capricorns. Both signs tend to ground Pisces people and bring them to reality. Virgo is also an Earth sign, however it sits directly opposite to Pisces on the Zodiac wheel, and although they do learn important lessons from one another, there could be conflicting differences.

Pisces and the Fire and Air Signs

Pisces does not, in general, understand the fire signs. They find Aries too impulsive and aggressive, while Sagittarians are exceptionally independent and Leos can sometimes eat poor Pisces alive with their over-confident attitudes. However, Pisces sits next to Aries on the Zodiac Wheel and they can become great friends and lovers, while Sagittarians offer many nights spent over red wine talking about their travels and philosophy of the Universe.

When it comes to the air signs, Pisces really fails to make a proper connection here. They find Aquarians far too emotionally detached and will feel this detachment deep in their hearts when in a relationship; however, Aquarians may become good friends. Libra and Pisces do get along – too well unfortunately. I say unfortunately because Pisces gets bored when things run too smoothly all the time, and Libra will often want to please Pisces all the time. Geminis can make good friends as they share the Mutable modality, and Geminis can be as whacky as Pisces at times.

Best Signs for Pisces

Without a doubt, with all my Astrological knowledge and practice over the years, I would have to say that Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer make the best matches for Pisces!

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