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Netflix's Dark Desire Star Alejandro Speitzer

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

After the release of Netflix’s famed series Dark Desire, the temperature of women around the world rose due to the very sexy and mysterious Darío Guerra, played by Netflix Star Alejandro Speitzer.


The raunchy Mexican series is the most watched non-English series in the history of Netflix, with around 35 million viewers in the first 28 days of release. It is a perfect blend of thrill and eroticism, and revolves around the sexual lives of a professor and her family and the secrets they are hiding, with the alluring Alejandro as the lead.

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It centers around a married woman named Alma, and her steamy romance with the passionate and young 23 year old Darío, as she spends a weekend away from home. What was supposed to be a one night stand turns into something more, as Alma begins questioning the truth after the death of her best friend, and conspires with her brother-in-law to uncover the secrets about the secretive life of Dario.

Darío Guerra, played by Alejandro Speitzer, is a complex character of a cold and calculating man who becomes obsessed with an older woman. Due to his mysterious charm and sexy aura, he has left many fans starstruck.

His Early Years

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Alejandro Speitzer is a Mexican actor who was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa on the 31st of May 1995, and is well known for the famous crime drama The Club. His full name is Alejandro Sanchez Speitzer, and he chose to go with that name instead of opting for a stage name. He has one brother - Carlos Speitzer, and moved to Mexico City with his family at a very young age.

Although many young actors struggle to make an impact in the industry, that wasn’t the case for Alejandro. He has been a charmer since he was a child, and he started his career from a Mexican mini television series Ray of Light in 2000 when he was just five years old.


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After starting his career with the mini-series Ray of Light in 2000, Alejandro has starred in many roles in different movies and television series. His next project was playing the role of titular character Juan "Rayito" de Luz in the children’s telenovela Rayito de Luz which got lots of appreciation from the fans.

Then he landed another role in 2001 as Ernesto in the television series Aventuras en el tiempo. This was followed by another role in 2002 where he starred as Nino in La Familia P. Luche and then in Cómplices Al Rescate as Felipe the same year.

His career really picked up pace from there as he became casting directors’ favorite choice. He appeared in eight television series from 2005 through 2012. Then from 2013 to 2017, he was cast into many series such as Mentir para Vivir, Como dice el dicho, El Dandy, Bajo el mismo Cielo, El Chema, Guerra de Idolos, Me gusta, pero me asusta, and Milagros de Navidad.

He became serious eye candy as he grew up and starred in two television series in 2018. He landed his famous role in a crime drama The Club in the year 2019 that brought him lots of fame and that same year he starred in the telenovela La Reina del Sur.

Now, in 2020, he is at his career’s peak, and has already done three television series named Todo por ti, Someone Has To Die, and of course, Dark Desire. Being a 25 year old, his portfolio is quite impressive with 25 credits as an actor, and he has done many bold scenes.

He first showed off his perfect naked physique in The Club which made all the girls go crazy. Later he was seen practically naked in almost all episodes of Dark Desire, and that body can’t go unnoticed. Women around the world automatically wanted to know who Dark Desire star Alejandro was.

Did you know that he has also produced a television series called “Me Gusta, pero me asusta” so showing his talents outside of acting.

Social Media Following

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Along with being an actor and a producer, Alejandro is a part-time singer and a guitarist as well and many of his videos are available on YouTube. Since the day I watched him in Dark Desire, I have been following him on all social media platforms - can’t give up on that eye candy, can we?

He is also an active Instagram user, and posts very sensual pictures there so if you want to see that hot body head over there. If you are a die-hard fan like me, waste no more time and head over to his Insta to follow him because he posts there regularly.

His insta handle is @alejandrospeitzer With 3.9m followers and counting, he has a large fan following with most of them being girls swooning over him.

You can also follow him on Twitter to get to know more about him and his thoughts. He also posts pictures there and sometimes even replies to his fans so you can also try your luck, and who knows, maybe you will get lucky! Currently, he has 155.5K followers that are growing every day.

There is also an approved Facebook page for him but he hasn't been very active there. The last post was made on 4th October 2017, but you can still go there and check his old posts if you are a die-hard fan like me.

Dating Life

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Ladies! You can swoon over this hot man as much as you like, but let me warn you that he is not up for grabs. Yes that is right - Netflix star Alejandro Speitzer isn’t single! He is dating the famous actress Ester Expósito from the Netflix show Elite. They both have been very open about it, and do not shy away from showing their love in public.

In fact, their relationship was first revealed by Ester herself through an Instagram post when she posted a picture with him and captioned it ‘Roma e tu’ meaning Rome and you. They both have not hesitated from posting pictures and stories together which I kid you not, is so cute! I totally adore the couple.


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Fans of the series Dark Desire are calling Alejandro Speitzer the hottest thing ever and I couldn’t agree anymore, I mean look at that body! He really is a "Dark Desire star." With his bombastic entry into the industry and his promising acting skills, he is sure to go a long way, and I, as a huge fan, definitely want to see his handsome face on screen a lot more! Thank goodness we'll be seeing more of Dark Desire Star Alejandro when the new season of Dark Desire with Netflix Star Alejandro Speitzer and his co-star (and love interest/obsession) Maite Perroni is released!

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Addendum: Gay men also love Alejandro, not just women!

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