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Michele Morrone – The Sexy Star of Netflix’s 365 Days

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

365 days is an erotic Netflix movie about longing, passion, and obsession. Netflix star Michele Morrone is the handsome Italian hunk who plays the role of Don Massimo Torricelli – a rich Sicilian mafia and sex addict

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His character subconsciously reminds us of Christian Grey, the protagonist of ‘50 Shades of Grey’, who gives out similar sexy, seductive vibes. Oops sorry… maybe not as much. Because obviously Miki is much wilder, rougher and nastier...

The way Miki has portrayed Massimo is literally every bit of what a female (and some males) fantasize in a strong dominant male. Let it be his deep voice, impossibly well-structured face, ‘nature of taking everything by force’ as in the movie, or the lustful hotness.

In the movie, he’s perfectly described as, “It’s like God has molded his body…and the Devil has…’ okay I’ll stop there, you can hear it in the movie itself. Apart from his looks, Michele is actually the direct opposite of Massimo in real life – soft, sentimental and laughs much more often!

So who is 365 Days Star Michele Morrone? All you need to know about the newest face of overnight stardom is right here!

Young Miki

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Miki has come from a very average family background with no previous family foot in the entertainment industry. He’s the only boy in his family, with three older sisters. His dad died due to sickness when Miki was at the tender age of just 12. From what he’s said in interviews, his dad seemed to be a very strict and disciplined person. Michele is one who highly respects his parents and he even credited his dad’s strictness for becoming the man he is today.

He recalls, in an interview, that after his dad’s death, his mom raised all four kids working as a house cleaner and occasionally, a seamstress. Starting with nothing and now a full-on self-made man handling three companies! How awesome it feels to be admiring someone like him!

Fun Fact: His mother still stitches clothes for him and he loves his mommy’s brand!

Michele Now

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Michele has a very clear perspective of financial management and the value of each Euro. He quotes ‘These people (celebs) go bankrupt because they want to live a life they cannot afford’. With no industry backing support, he’s now become a huge actor, musician, singer, lyricist, dancer (won 2nd place in Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars), fashion designer (CEO of Aurum Roma) and has an upcoming perfume line! Such a package he is, isn’t he?

It’s no doubt that he has carefully sculpted each and every success till now by always giving his 100% in all his work.

The Movie – How It Made Him A Breakout Star

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365 Days, the highly sensual movie, hit the Polish box office on the 7th of February 2020, making $9 million. On the 14th, it got released in the U.K. garnering another $500,000. Then, on June 7, as we all know, it was released by Netflix globally on its platform, and in just a matter of 3 days, it sprang up to the No #1 position in the ‘Daily Top 10’.

Was it just because most of the world was in quarantine and people were just excited about outdoors and rich sex? Well if that was the case, then the following wouldn’t have happened:

· 365 Days became No #1 on June 10th

· It lost its top spot to ‘Da 5 Bloods’ on June 14th

· Got it back in no time, on the 17th

· Down again on June 24th because of ‘The Nut Job’

· Reclaimed its throne on the 26th

This is a record that no movie has been able to make on Netflix, and 356 Days has done it twice in style! And wait, the records don’t end there!

Image 5

The movie that made Netflix star Michele Morrone, the hot eye candy of millions of woman, also holds the record for 2nd longest ‘Top Ten’ streak – 45 days, and has reigned the top position for 12 freaking days!

It has also unsurprisingly become the 3rd most streamed movie in Netflix’s list of ‘Top 10 Era’ and has the biggest 1st month opening of 2020.

For a movie with no notable major promotions, this is obviously a record-breaking success. All because of the ultimate boldness Michele Morrone and Anna Sieklucka have displayed in the movie.

The movie might not have such a strong storyline but it sure did bring back my Wattpad memories. For those who are still criticizing the movie as worthless, go ahead with it, because even right now ‘365 Days’ is in the Netflix Top 10 list in 11 countries across the world! The movie really got everybody asking, "Who is 365 Days star Michele Morrone?"

Miki’s Never-ending Love For Tattoos

Image 6

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I’ve always been extremely curious about Miki’s tattoos and the hidden emotions and meanings behind them. As I got to research him more and more, I’m now able to come to the conclusion that his tattoos are not vaguely for fashion.

Each tattoo is specifically designed by Michele himself and reflects his state of mind at the time he had it. Please don’t think that I’m trying to overrate his tattoos or him but you’ll see why below.

One for Dad

The “18.04.2003” tattoo on his right wrist is the date his beloved dad passed away. As I’ve already mentioned previously, he seems quite attached to his father, even though it’s been more than a decade. Michele recalls his best childhood memory as hanging on to his father’s neck while he swam in the sea.

Two as a Dad

With that, he has also proved to be an awesome dad to his 2 little boys, just as his own dad was to him. After the birth of each son, he tattooed their names on his body – Marcus’s name (the elder son) on his right thumb and Brando’s name (the younger one) on his right arm, next to his shoulder.

One for his Pet Doggy – Cloud

Miki’s a well known animal lover, as he can often be seen posting about his horse, Iron, dog or just feeding and playing with any random animal he comes across. (Have you seen the video where he’s seen feeding a monkey through the cage?)

On his chest, he’s got a tattoo of his purebred doggy’s name – Cloud. He has even designed it such to resemble a dog! How creative is that?

Another for a Lost Friend

Michele has a tattoo ‘Ru’ which is the name of his close colleague from Rome who unfortunately died in a car accident in front of a church.

A Date for Wifey!

On his right arm, in the triceps region is a tattoo that remarks the date of his wedding with his ex-wife Rouba Saadeh, along with a saint/pyramid figure near it (not so clear yet).

Just from these few tattoo meanings, it’s self-evident that Michele values relationships and love in all forms and kinds.

No wonder he loves to spend time with his huge fan base through multiple ways like HalaHi, sweet DM replies and even live chats! His random live chats on Instagram are something that no other international celebrity would even bother to think of.

Tattoos just for the Love of Art and Passion

As we all know, Morrone is also a singer and musician, but he expresses it even louder through tattoos of songs verses and poems.

“Drops of brown color, soft and bittersweet, invade lovers in intimacy, drunk and full” (translated)

A beautiful Italian poem that Mik tattooed for his ex-wife. There are also speculations that she has the same tat on her ribs too.

On a side note, even though they have divorced and separated, I love the way they’ve put aside their relationship issues just to the be right parents their kids deserve. Something a lot of parents should think through better!

Also, I’ve noted that the Italian media sometimes reports ill about Michele, especially when it comes to his private life, saying that he’s not an honest husband and stuff. That’s completely fine, as no one knows anything 100% sure. Still, it made me feel bad for Miki when he was asked in an interview to tell something interesting about him and he responded instantly that he’s a ‘very very loyal man’.

Might be my own assumption but I feel like he said that due to the bad remarks he’s gotten from the media previously.

Another crazy, seemingly painful tat he has is the letters “FGM” on his inner lower lip! It’s the first words of the Italian proverb, “Everything you do to make your dreams come true is allowed”. He was just 18 at that time and still has this as his life motto. (Meanwhile there’s me who is past 20 and still waiting for the right time to get my 1st tattoo. Sigh…)

Another similar one is on the back of his right hand which reads “Everyone will come to my funeral to make sure that I stay dead” which is an excerpt from the song Four Rusted Horses by Marilyn Manson, his favorite singer.

The Infamous Phoenix and Skull Tattoo

This is one that sparks the most curiosity in me. The combination of a phoenix bird and a skull along with Michele’s artistic touch.

The phoenix – representing rebirth from the ashes and the skull - remarking that everything important to him was taken away from him, is undoubtedly his most favorite tattoo. I’m taking a guess that this tattoo was during the time he quit everything, after a depressing divorce from his wife. I feel like the phoenix depicts him as reprising from what pulled him down. Do you guys feel the same as me?

There are a couple of other tats too, and one that he got very recently on August 25th, which he hasn’t shown us yet but I’m ending it here for now! I’m not fully clear about the rest of his tats but if you guys know anything interesting about them or his latest addition, do let me know in the comments below! Maybe it’s something about 365 Days?

Miki on Social Media – How You Can Get a Personalized Video Directly from Him!

Image 7

Michele is quite an active person on social media, as whenever you click on his profile, there’s at least 3 stories posted. He uses Instagram, Facebook and Halahi to let his fans get a glimpse of his everyday life.

Instagram seems to be his fav so far. He engages in it a lot through (re)posting stories from his fans, updates etc. and also replying to DMs. What a sweetheart. (Hope to get one soon too!)

From the start, his social media posts usually revolve around his photoshoots, children, art works, project updates and awareness about animal cruelty. With over 11 million followers on IG, the star is getting bigger and brighter each day. And trust me, if there’s one man who can make us nervously sweat just by looking at a picture of him blowing a bubble gum, it’s Miki, no doubt.

Unconditional Love for Fans

Image 8

Miki admires his fans just and vice versa. He has the mindset that “If you’re big, it’s because of your fans. If your fans love you, you’re somebody. If your fans don’t love you, you’re nobody”.

Assuring this, he has always set aside time to give back to his fans through social media and in-person surprises. Several lucky girls got to have Michele surprising them out of the blue! If I was one of them I’d have probably fainted on the spot.

He has also partnered with the HalaHi app, through which you can request personalized videos from him (hints!). He has appreciated the love and support of many diehard fan pages with HalaHi, mentioning their names.

All this love (and a bit of lust) pouring in from all over the globe is completely life changing for him as someone who just came out from severe depression after his divorce. He has done many live chats where he randomly accepts live requests and casually talks to them for a few good minutes. I bet he knows that those few minutes with him can make their days much merrier, and hotter!

In his live sessions, Miki can be smoking hot in one frame and a straight comedian in the next. His quirky cheeky jokes about the helicopter scene (his sex scene was filmed by a helicopter) in 365 Days is definitely meant for replays, just to see him blush.

Anna Maria Sieklucka – Just Friends Even After All That?

Image 9

Fans have always wondered if Michele Morrone and 365 Days female lead, Anna Maria Sieklucka, have the same hot chemistry we saw onscreen, off screen too. After watching all those sinful acts put up by them, it’s impossible to imagine them as just friends.

However they’re very professional when it comes to work, just like how Jack Dawson was very professional while drawing Rose nude (in Titanic) . Michele has confirmed in an interview that they’re “really, really good friends” and it does make sense as the behind the scenes videos are full of them laughing and having a great ‘friendly’ time together.

Even "Laura" and "Massimo" seem to be bored this quarantine though they are usually busy doing something else most of the time. The two have been doing live Qn'A sessions with fans on Instagram and Facebook.

They both love to groove to their movie’s soundtrack in between every few minutes. I see why Michele chose Anna as the female lead amongst the other two. Both have similar vibes and similar sense of humor which is such a treat to Massimo-Laura relationship lovers like me!

More to Morrone

Image 10

We all know by now that Michele is a man of multiple talents apart from the controversial talent we saw in the movie. Let’s just take a real quick glance at his other professions besides acting.

Miki defines that when acting, he’s completely being someone else, but when it comes to singing, it's fully Michele Morrone from the heart. The sex god himself did the sultry soundtrack for 365 Days and sang 4 songs in it.

His voice sets the erotic mood perfectly with the scenes. His first album ‘Dark Room’ became a huge hit with the heartfelt ‘Feel it’ song.

“It’s like both my acting and music career started at the same time” Miki explains in an interview with Paul Marciano.

Aurumroma – His New Brand of Women’s Beachwear

Image 11

Image Credit:

Aurumroma is a brand that sparked in Miki’s creative mind during the quarantine. It’s a women’s beachwear brand that Miki has in collaboration with Chiara Pollano. He does promotions for his brand at times, on his Instagram page, and the collections are definitely worth a look.

Michele has also said that these clothes are based on his personal taste and what he would like to see.

Perfume Line

Image 12

Michele has also started his own perfume line called ‘Feel it’ which consists of 2 bottles of perfume. The one for men is the scent he personally loves to wear and the one meant for women is the scent he would prefer on his lady. He has kind of almost moved to Dubai to promote this, as he’s been there for a quite some weeks already.

Upcoming projects

· I’m eagerly waiting for the film ‘Duetto’ which was filmed in Brazil and Italy. Miki is a singer and has starred in it!

· He has signed a six-figure deal with Guess for the Fall/Winter campaign and shooting rehearsals. So, hold on tight for his lavish photoshoot pictures soon!

· 365 days part 2 shooting will commence next May, and is confirmed by the movie stars Michele, Anna and Magdalena (Olga). So we get to see Don Massimo in all his glory again, not once but twice, as the book it's based on, is a trilogy. Those that didn't see the original will definitely be wanting to know who 365 Days star Michele Morrone is!

· He has signed 2 movie contracts with Hollywood and another in a foreign language, which is yet to be officially announced.

· As for his music career, Michele is in a contract with Universal Music Europe in collaboration with Universal Music Worldwide for this next album!

Makes me wonder how he’s gonna handle all this, when I can’t even handle my sleep routine properly.

From $600 a month, and working as a gardener in 2019, to a 6 figure deal within a year is such a huge U-turn in Michele Morrone’s life. It makes me love him more that even with all this titillating good looks and massive stardom, he’s still managed to remain down to earth till now. Hope it stays this way!

To everyone who’s reading this, enjoy watching all Michele's videos, listening to his sexy voice on YouTube and engaging with the star - he may just message you back! This is serious, he may just want a private chat with you as he does this (often!). Netflix star Michele Morrone is definitely on his way to the top!

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