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Pig Island Bahamas

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Have you ever imagined a beach with turquoise water and white sand, where pigs swim - yes, a swimming pig island? Well, it actually exists! And as always, when we see something that catches our attention or makes us curious, we investigate where it is, and we write it down on our list of "things to do."

Beach image 1

So, I had noted for a long time that I wanted to meet these little beach pigs the day I visited the Bahamas. The truth is that, although it seemed super curious, and the Bahamas always sounded like a beach destination worth visiting, it was not something that was in my priorities as a trip in itself.

Like everything else, opportunities come in life, and I already decided that I would visit Miami, so I began to see the possibility of visiting the Bahamas. The intention was to do a few days of "vacationing” and the beach before entering the cold that awaited me in New York.

After researching a lot, I discarded the idea of ​​doing it with a cruise ship. One of the main reasons was this: the cruises do not stop at Exuma and, therefore, I could not know that paradise or the "swimming pig island."

So, knowing that I would do it on my own, I chose to visit two islands: New Providence, where Nassau is, and Great Exuma.

Arriving at My Destination

Island Image 2

Me on my travels!

Since it wasn't something I planned far in advance, I arrived in Exuma with absolutely nothing booked. When I say nothing, it's really nothing, I didn't even have the accommodation!

After getting settled in, I began to see the availability for the piggy tour and the pig island Bahamas. I had a few days in Exuma, so I thought it would be easy, as it was the only tour I wanted to go on, it was not difficult to organize. Error! I finally succeeded, so at the last minute, from the beach, I went straight to the airport, and I hardly got to catch the flight to New York.

This post tells you everything you need to know to get to know the swimming pigs and our complete experience.

Where Are the Swimming Pigs?

The famous little pigs are in Exuma, Bahamas. The island is called Big Major Cay, better known as Pig Island or Pig Beach. Full-day tours from Great Exuma are offered, as well as half-day tours. In both cases, you also know the nearby islands.

It is an island not inhabited by humans, but only by piglets. Now ... where did these little pigs come from? Why do they live on uninhabited islands in the middle of the Bahamas?

Some say they got there by swimming from a neighboring island, others that they survived a shipwreck, and came swimming. There is also the theory that sailors had brought them to the island as food. Still, for unknown reasons, they did not return again, and the piglets reproduced.

However, they got there; these little pigs live in paradise! Although the island is not populated, there is vegetation that covers the island and provides shade.

How to Get There

Most tours depart from George Town, Exuma, until afternoon, or full-day. These tours go to the island of the pigs and make other stops along the way.

Then I also had the possibility of going on a day tour from Nassau. In this case, the entire journey is made by boat, but it is even more expensive. It can also be an excellent option for those who have time and have no problem spending that amount of money.

How to Do It More Economically? My Experience!

Now, having said all this, I am going to tell you about the tour I did.

Not only did it cost me less than half the money per person, but I also visited the island of the iguanas that were not in my plans. I saved other visits of the full-day tour to Major Cay that I was not really interested in (such as stopping to eat in any place or meeting at a private hotel on an island on the way there). The best thing was the fact that I could do it in one morning.

Island of the Iguanas

Finally, I arrived at the first stop: The Island of Iguanas. When I arrived, another boat was there on the shore and a group of people, but nothing compared to other more massive destinations where I have been with hundreds of people all crammed into one place. Exuma has that, and that is precisely why there is also less availability of services.

Island image 3

I got off the boat to see the stars of the place, dozens of iguanas, all on the water's edge. Some huge! I didn't really have the idea of ​​visiting this place, but it was certainly very curious to see them so close.

After watching them for several minutes, I took a dip in that beach ... it was a crime to leave without taking a bath in those waters! I would have stayed a lot longer, but I still had to meet the pigs, so we got on the boat, and again, I left at full speed.

Pig Island

After several minutes, I arrived here. There was a boat there that was near the shore and a family with a small child in the sand, but no one else. As I got closer to the boat, you could see the pigs on the beach from afar; they were huge! I did not know how many I would see if they were all big or we would also see small ones, I had no idea. So, everything was a surprise.

Island image 4

Immediately upon arrival, one of the biggest pigs of all came swimming up to the boat, and I couldn't get over the excitement, Haha!

I swam a little bit and immediately got up, so I walked to the beach. There were some pigs in the water, people feed them, so they come up to you. Of course, they recommend that you always feed them in the water, since otherwise, they can become aggressive, especially between them, or even run into each other. Do not forget that they are not dangerous animals, but they are huge and heavy!

Once on the shore, I was there for a while, seeing that very different image. I fed one of the pigs, but I didn't feel very comfortable because, as I said, once you feed them, they chase you, pinch your hands, and even bump you to get your attention. They are not violent, but better this way, further away, haha!

There were several baby pigs, and that's where our attention focused. Divine! They were also encouraged to swim, but much less, and it was noticeable how from time to time, they lost their float, and their little round noses sank into the water. Then on the shore, they were walking behind you; they approached, a real tenderness.

After a while there, it was time to go. I went back to the boat, while some pigs came after us… and I was a little panicky! I know they are just piglets, but I want to see them swimming with such a bug chasing them.

The only thing I need is for a pig to bite me, and in the water. It would be a laboratory case, haha ​​, but this kind of thing usually happens to me, so I better not risk it.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, I totally recommend doing this tour, and even some more to other islands if they are going to be more days. Really seeing the different water tones and touring those islands that are small paradises is worth it. And not to mention going to meet the pigs! At least I loved it. Known as swimming pig island and pig island Bahamas, it truly was an experience!

What do you say? Would you like to meet the famous swimming pigs?

Tell us below! And if you liked it, you know, it makes us happy if you share this article on your networks to reach more travelers.

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