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Why Kenyan Ladies Love Ugali

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Ugali is one of the most loved and consumed food in Kenya, apart from milk and meat. It's made of maize flour and sorghum cooked in boiling water to make a stiff dough. There are many ways to prepare ugali, depending on what one is planning to combine. However, ugali remains a natural food without any processed chemicals. It’s a very healthy meal!

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Ugali with side dishes

The main reason women in Kenya love Ugali is its health benefits. It's one of the most popular African food recipes. Firstly, it's made out of maize flour, which contains carbohydrates and starch, which provides good energy. Also, it helps to prevent constipation because the body digests it quickly. It is rich with proteins and fiber, which is very important for digestion.

Ugali was initially consumed during the colonization of the country because of the energy it gave during hardships. There is true meaning behind why Kenyan ladies love ugali and why it remains one of the most popular African food recipes.

Side Dishes for Ugali


Terere are herbal green leaves mainly grown in Kenya gardens. It is bitter but very nutritious and healthy. It is great for women's health because it has calcium, which is good for healthy bones in women. When terere is nicely cooked, it becomes soft and comfortable to swallow with ugali.

It is great for the skin and boosts immunity. When a lady gives birth, she needs strength and energy to raise the child, and her body needs to recover faster which this is good for. Eating ugali and matumbo has made my face glow because it has all the minerals that the body requires. Ugali and matumbo have low fat, which is a choice most woman opt for.

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Me in my kitchen cooking


Matumbo is very delicious when prepared in the right way; ladies love Matumbo because it contains iron and has low fat. The combination of natural vegetables, which are natural herbs, (which are a bit bitter) have rich medicinal benefits. The wild vegetables help in digestion because it is rich in fibre, and when digestion is good, the face glows and brings out the beauty in every woman.

Ugali, matumbo, and terere are the cheapest source of protein and vitamins required for body functions that Kenyan women enjoy.


The intestines tripe has a unique smell, which has landed up on every Kenyan family menu. In Kenya, even in big hotels, intestines are available from many eateries. Tripe can be cooked in low heat to prevent it from drying.

The combination of ugali with matumbo, which is prepared in an extraordinary way to make the meal delicious, gives the most impressive meal. A variety of ugali, matumbo, and terere completes a healthy diet. I love ugali because it is easier to prepare; when the water boils, it takes minutes to make it.

Most Kenyan women prefer ugali, matumbo, and terere because it’s delicious, and the aroma attracts even the neighbours. The delightful smell is most satisfying for craving pregnant women; ugali is in every kitchen in Kenya as it’s such a beloved meal.

Another thing with ugali, matumbo, and terere, is that it should be eaten especially during the day, because of the energy it provides. However, I prefer it during dinner after a long day, and I eat it earlier before bedtime to allow digestion. The beautiful thing about the cultural perspective is that everyone, including all Kenyan ladies loves Ugali, and there no allergy issues with regards to this food, so I find it suitable for everyone.

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The complete meal is also advisable for pregnant women because of its health benefits.

Ugali, goat matumbo, and terere are affordable because all the ingredients are locally available. Its availability and affordability are one of the main reasons it has remained the preferred stable food in Kenya. I like cooking goat intestines because they are tender and quick to prepare. Goats eat leaves, and so the intestines are rich with iron.

All ladies should eat healthily, as it leaves less room for diseases. This is achieved by eating food that has low fats which automatically leads to stabilizing bodyweight. Avoid eating processed foods and sugars since the body will not use and it leads to weight gain. As a lady, I get enough sleep and the meal boosts my brain and ability to work during the day.

Note; I love using fresh vegetables straight from the garden for better results. In the situation where beef is missing, I fry terere and eat using my hands.

Ugali Recipe for Four


· ½ Liter water

· 700 Grams' maize flour

· Cooking stick,

· Wooden mwiko,

· Cooking pot


· Add 500ml to a cooking pot and bring it to a boiling point

· Add maize flour in small portions and stir well to prevent it from forming lumps

· Add maize flour continuously and mix it to make the ugali dough nice and thick

· When the ugali is almost ready, and the dough is an intact mound in the middle of the pot in a circular shape, place the lid on for a few seconds as the aroma forms.

· Put into a lid and cut in preferred shape and serve with hot matumbo and amaranth (a special leaf vegetable)

Fried Goat intestines Matumbo


· ½ kg Matumbo triples

· Cooking oil

· Salt cubes

· Two large onions

· Two large tomatoes

· Coriander 'Dhania'

· Garlic

· Ginger

· Red pepper

· Fresh butter

· Capsicum (Hoho).


· Wash the goat intestines (tripe) and other ingredients, and cut them into smaller pieces ready to cook.

· Add cooking oil to sufuria (cooking pot), add onions, and fry to a nice brown color, then add the garlic, pepper, and ginger and then fry for a few more minutes.

· Add the goat intestines and close it to make it steam for a few seconds.

· Add butter and chopped tomatoes and capsicum and let it steam for few more minutes, then stir to combine them.

· Add salt and cubes to taste.

· Stir it as it deep-fries them to golden colour

· Add water to make the stew wet.

· When the paste thickens, a stew is ready.

· Serve with hot ugali and steamed amaranth.

Amaranth” Terere”


· Amaranth "Terere"

· Butter

· Salt


· Add the washed amaranth to the pot

· Add butter and salt

· Let it steam for a few minutes

· Stir it as the terere soften for 10 minutes

· Serve it hot with ugali and Matumbo

Dish Image 4

Eating it all together

Ugali will always remain, especially for Kenyans, one of the most popular African food recipes.

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